I’m a lucky guy.  Retirement came at just the right time.  I was ready.  The last day of work I walked out the door and was greeted by a beautiful summer day with blue sky, big white fluffy clouds and the feeling the world was waiting for me.

This state of mind has continued, although not without interruption, for the past 16 years.  The purpose of this blog is to share the experiences which led me to develop a unique artistic skill that has transformed my life.

During the 43 years of practicing dentistry it was common to think about things I would like to do when I had time.

Mostly it included more of the things I was already doing such as, sailing, skiing, biking, etc.  However I wanted an avocation that was creatively productive and pictured myself doing art in my workshop.   

In pursuit of the venue I took lots of classes including, woodworking, painting, wood and stone carving, glass blowing and bronze casting.  Finally I stumbled onto fused glass. which I had never heard of.  It had all the characteristics I was interested in, science, technology, engineering and math and decided to give it a try.

Half a dozen classes later I equipped my basement workshop as a fused glass studio; kiln, glass inventory and tools.  I was hooked.

The challenge to explore and expand my skills came about through requests for pieces I didn’t know how to make.  Over the next 10 years  the requests stimulated development of many new unique fused glass techniques.

Beginning with little glass coasters I have moved on to now making three dimensional glass sculptures.  These table top pieces have been further modified for use as fused glass chandeliers.

In the beginning I never thought of myself as being and artist, and still wonder if this is the proper use of that word.  

My goal in telling the story of Creating My Own Retirement is to encourage others to imagine a new place for themselves and experience the joy of Retirement.

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