Retire with Meaning and Purpose

I was determined that transitioning from work to the exciting world of retirement was going to be seamless.

Re-imagining myself was the most important component of the process, and I had no problem accepting that. In fact, I was excited with the prospect.

Retirement was going to be a time of total freedom from the stress of work and I had relished the concept of free time during the busy years of dentistry and family which made up the fabric of my life.

It seemed reasonable to expand on the outdoor activities we had enjoyed as a family. My wife had recently passed away and my time was my own.

Mountain hiking with friends in the Swiss Alps was a wonderful start. We had worked hard on physical conditioning and were not intimidated by the terrain or the younger companions on the trip.

The Alps were a terrific first effort, truly awesome.  Majestic mountain views with appealing villages nestled in the valleys.

Meaningful retirement however, required creating a different place for myself, not simply doing more of what I had done in the past.

Community service had been important to my wife and me, and I volunteered at a local retirement facility where I developed a monthly guest speaker forum. I also served on a number of community service committees and foundation boards.

Foundation work involved asking people for money. I had never felt comfortable doing that but thought with proper training I could. Wrong! I went to several seminars on fundraising and learned all the things to say, but I couldn’t get comfortable. I just didn’t enjoy it. So I said goodbye to the foundations.

What I learned is that reimagining yourself takes some interesting and unexpected twists and turns and the process is continuous.

A little scary, but give it a try!

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