Take A Risk!

Piper Cub

Don’t miss your Big Adventure.  

Whatever part of the cosmos you choose for your retirement activity, stretch beyond your traditional comfort zone and do something different.  The next adventure could take you to places you’ve never imagined.  Exotic can be close or far away.  

Develop the courage to “Do something a little scary every day.”  The risk of doing is less than the risk of wondering.  “What If?…”  

Aviation has always been a fascination for me.  As a teen, I had worked at a small airport and always dreamed of becoming a pilot.  My first airplane ride was at age 8 in a Piper Cub with pontoons on the Mississippi River.

Several years into retirement I saw an ad in the paper for an introductory flying lesson.  Why not?  Maybe now I could take up flying.

The pilot asked if I knew how to fly.  I told him I had taken lessons as a kid but never got a license.  He then asked if I wanted to fly around the town and see the lakes, or just “shoot landings and takeoffs.”  Landings and takeoffs were exactly what I wanted to do.   He demonstrated the first one and then allowed me to take the controls.  For the next 45 minutes, I was doing what I had dreamed of for 60 years.

When we landed the pilot asked if I wanted to make an appointment for lessons.  I was thrilled with experiencing something I had longed to do my entire life but when I first experienced flying, the instrument panel was very small with half a dozen dials.  Todays planes are much more complicated than the “learning to ride a bicycle” routine I had remembered.  I turned to him and said “no thanks” and never again had that dream.

I have recently come to the realization that my dream of a Big Adventure is actually the life I have found at home. My retirement excursion into the avocation of fused glass has all the attributes I had imagined of a special experience: unusual, unexpected, exciting, challenging, a little risky, and the wonderful added option of being open-ended.  

This can go on as long as I like.  The thrill of opening the kiln in the morning and witnessing the Mystery and Magic of Fused Glass is truly a great adventure.

Extra effort, whether intellectual or physical, is rewarded many times over.

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