How Long Does It Take to Retire?

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It seems a little nutty to think I would have to learn how to be retired, but with good health I could well be retired for a very long time and should have a plan.

Not knowing what I was going to do today was unsettling for me and my plan for retirement was quite simple. Several years before retirement I began thinking seriously about it and decided I would resume my interest in golf. I took lessons, bought new clubs, and went to the driving range. The main attraction of golf was the social component. My other activity was going to be running and biking which I had enjoyed for years.

Well, neither of those worked out very well. I found I didn’t enjoy golf that much, probably because I wasn’t as good as I would like and had a very bad slice, even after the lessons. I could tell as I was running in my 60’s there would be an end. My legs were aging faster than the rest of me and one day when running I thought, if I have to stop running before I’m 70, I’m going to buy a motorcycle.

This may sound crazy, and probably was, but I bought a nice used BMW motorcycle. I’d always wanted one since my motor scooter days as a paper boy. I took lessons and on the advice of a friend bought a BMW because it was a quality machine and supposedly was more safe because it had an “advanced braking system.” I have to admit, when I first started riding it felt strange not to be fastening my safety belt.

Although I enjoyed going fast it was important to minimize the risk of riding. I always wore a helmet, found the kind of country roads that were curvy and fun, and seldom rode at night, or even at dusk. After five years of riding I decided I had reached an age when people considered you to be wise and I thought it would be wise to sell the motorcycle.

Now, here it is, five years into retirement and still no really fulfilling past-time. I needed some activity that would give me the feeling at the end of the day I had accomplished something.

During those preceding five years I actually had made a lot of progress on my way to finding a productive past-time. I had taken classes in a lot of different art venues but had not settled on one to become the focus of my life. That’s what I needed.

If I wanted to be creatively productive I needed to spend the time to learn one of these crafts and become good at it. Being a practical guy I had to choose something people other than my family thought was nice because I didn’t want to fill up their garages with stuff I had made. It needed to sell.

I still don’t know how long it takes to retire. It’s only been sixteen years and is still evolving.

In this blog, Creating Your Retirement, I would like to share the adventure I experienced in my pursuit of a creatively productive life in an art venue, how I made the choice, and how it changed my life.

It May Be a Litle Scary, But Worth The Risk.

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