Ready For The Leisure Lane?

Retirement should be the best part of your life!

The feeling of excitement can be the same as you felt in your first job, without the stress.  This is the time to experiment and stretch the boundaries. 

 If it doesn’t work exactly the way you thought, it’s not a mistake or failure,  just a minor course correction.

The goal for my retirement was to stay physically active.  During the family years we were involved in many outdoor sports which I thought would simply be continued.

It was a rude awakening when I found that in your 60’s you just can’t do all that stuff anymore.  Talk about a course correction!

No more running, much less biking and condo living had eliminated the yard work.

It was time for reimagining to kick into gear: to reconsider my expectations and develop some new interests.  

When I was a kid we had a basement workshop where I enjoyed making and fixing things.  At about age 5 my dad had bought me a really nice tricycle, with balloon tires.  It was the neatest present I ever received.  Before long I was curious about how it worked and took off the back tires, losing some of the parts in the process.  It never worked well again.

In spite of that experience I planned on having a shop when I was retired and knew I would find plenty of things to do there, if only “putter around.”

The idea of needing something to do was paramount and in the back to my mind I leaned toward some kind of art venue.  My mother had received a college degree in art in the 20’s and some of that must have rubbed off.

So began the search for a creative activity I could do in my basement work shop. This was going to be fun.

Fused Glass became my avocation and grew into the most satisfying pursuit I could ever imagine.  

Don’t miss the Adventure waiting for you!

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